affine collineation

аффинная коллинеация

English-Russian scientific dictionary. 2008.

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  • Curvature collineation — A curvature collineation (often abbreviated to CC) is vector field which preserves the Riemann tensor in the sense that, where Rabcd are the components of the Riemann tensor. The set of all smooth curvature collineations forms a Lie algebra under …   Wikipedia

  • Matter collineation — A matter collineation (sometimes matter symmetry and abbreviated to MC) is a vector field that satisfies the condition, where Tab are the energy momentum tensor components. The intimate relation between geometry and physics may be highlighted… …   Wikipedia

  • Spacetime symmetries — refers to aspects of spacetime that can be described as exhibiting some form of symmetry. The role of symmetry in physics is important, for example, in simplifying solutions to many problems. Spacetime symmetries are used to simplify problems and …   Wikipedia

  • Translation plane — In mathematics, a translation plane is a particular kind of projective plane, as considered as a combinatorial object. [Projective Planes [ pjc/pps/pps2.pdf On projective planes] ] In a projective plane, scriptstyle p… …   Wikipedia

  • Forme hermitienne — Cet article concerne le cas général abstrait. Pour un cas plus élémentaire, voir Forme sesquilinéaire complexe. En mathématiques, une forme hermitienne est une fonction de deux variable sur un espace vectoriel sur un corps relativement à une… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • General linear group — Group theory Group theory …   Wikipedia

  • Plan de Fano — Une représentation du plan de Fano En géométrie projective finie, le plan de Fano, nommé ainsi d après le mathématicien Gino Fano, est le plus petit plan projectif fini, c est à dire celui comportant le plus petit nombre de points et de droites,… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Orbifold — This terminology should not be blamed on me. It was obtained by a democratic process in my course of 1976 77. An orbifold is something with many folds; unfortunately, the word “manifold” already has a different definition. I tried “foldamani”,… …   Wikipedia

  • Duality (projective geometry) — A striking feature of projective planes is the symmetry of the roles played by points and lines in the definitions and theorems, and (plane) duality is the formalization of this metamathematical concept. There are two approaches to the subject of …   Wikipedia

  • Conformal vector field — A conformal vector field (often conformal Killing vector field and occasionally conformal or conformal collineation) of a Riemannian manifold (M,g) is a vector field X that satisfies: for some smooth real valued function φ on M, where denotes the …   Wikipedia

  • Frobenius group — In mathematics, a Frobenius group is a transitive permutation group on a finite set, such that no non trivial elementfixes more than one point and some non trivial element fixes a point. They are named after F. G. Frobenius. Structure The… …   Wikipedia


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